Recycled Materials

Ethically-made loungewear, crafted from recycled factory offcuts and plastic bottles.

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Eco-Friendly Dyes

Carefully hand-dyed with inks that are non-toxic for humans and the environment.

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Conscious, colourful, comfortable

Tula + Tye loungewear is responsibly made within three square miles in the UK from recycled and organic materials, hand-dyed with eco-friendly dyes, and packaged in recycled and reusable bags. We also donate 5% of profits to cleaning ocean plastic.

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3 square miles

Our hyperlocal production process takes place within a three-mile radius in the UK.


Each of our classic tees are made up of five 1.5L plastic bottles.


Each cropped t-shirt saves around 7kg of CO2e compared to conventional t-shirts.

तूल tūla

[too-luh] noun

cotton: a soft white fibrous substance which surrounds the seeds of the cotton plant and is made into textile fibre.

Hyperlocal supply chain

Our hyperlocal production process takes place within three square miles in the UK

Recycled & organic materials

Crafted from a mixture of post-consumer textiles, organic cotton + recycled plastic bottles

Eco-friendly dyes

Our eco-friendly dyes are water-based and are non-toxic for the environment

Contribution to the oceans

5% of profits donated to fight plastic polluting our oceans



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