Three-Mile Threads™

As an independent sustainable brand, here at Tula + Tye we have been working to ensure our supply chain and practices are as kind to people and the planet as possible.


Supply Chain


As of summer 2022, we are so excited to announce that all of our new loungewear pieces will be made using Three-Mile Threads; a brand-new, hyperlocal production process where all clothing is made from scratch within three-square miles in Leicester, UK. The new process is our attempt to ensure an ethical supply chain with a low carbon footprint that champions local businesses and British manufacturing.


Despite concerns with some fast fashion suppliers and garment workers’ wages in Leicester factories, the city brims with years of expertise and resources, having long been established as a UK textiles hub. Tula + Tye is on a mission to change the reputation of the city by taking it back to its roots, and harnessing the knowledge of its people by creating ethical, long-lasting and truly sustainable loungewear.


Transparency for our customers is so important, so we have carefully chosen four local factories to form a supply chain within three miles of each other, who share a commitment to people and the planet.


The four steps of the manufacturing process within the Three-Mile Threads supply chain are:

  1. Recover yarn being knitted into fabric - a mixture of pre- and post- consumer recycled cotton and recycled polyester from plastic bottles 
  2. Pieces sewn together in a small family-run factory
  3. Pieces dyed with eco-friendly dyes that are non-toxic for humans and the environment
  4. Embroidery, labelling and dispatch using recycled, recyclable or reusable labels and swing tags, plastic-free packaging


Tula + Tye plans to make Three-Mile Threads™ a process that any small fashion business can use for their clothing. The process aims to ensure a trustworthy UK-based supply chain, where workers are well-paid in good working conditions.


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